Programming Languages

Computers that we use every day became a part of our lives. Do you know how computers recognize the codes that people write, how software execute? It is based on hardware and programming that made on hardware. We can explain what programing is like this: Programming is a sensible command transfer system which lets us to see results of codes or which computer process results on its own. Programming is performed by programming languages. Although there are tens of programming languages, each of them was designed for different aims. So each programming language has its own working fundamentals and command instruction set. Determining your programming aim transparently is important to increase programming efficient, and then you choose what programming language you need to use. We can group programming languages in very different ways. Programming languages basically split up to different 3 levels that are high, medium and low levels. Those high and low adjectives don’t indicate that how much programming language is good. It indicates that how much programming language is close to human language. Assembly language is an example for low level programming language. If you don’t know what assembly codes mean, almost it is impossible to understand assembly codes. For instance, when we look at first, “inc, je” commands look like meaningless. But; “inc” comes from “increment” and “je” comes from “jump equal”. C language is an example for medium programming language. Many commands of C language can be understood by people who don’t know C programming language. In the simplest term, we can understand that “if” and “else” in C language expressions mean “condition”. Other than this; some words which indicate data types like “integer, float and double” are also understandable. Determining code blocks with curly braces makes C language is understood harder. Pascal and Java are example for high level programming languages. In Pascal, we determine code block with “begin and end”. “write” function shows the data on screen. This function is more understandable than “printf” function of C language which does same work. Many methods in java are defined without shortening. For example, we find the element number of an array by using “array.length” method. As we saw, instruction sets of high level languages are almost the same as speaking language words. While high level languages looks like more useful since they are more understandable, they use more memory and they work slower than low level languages. The programs which are programmed with low level languages use the memory the most efficiently. Speed of program also increases when level of language is lower. So, we cannot comment programming language as good or bad. Every programming language is used for different aims. If we want to develop a program which is oriented to last user, it is better to use high level languages to save time and to waste less effort. However, if the memory that program can use is limited we must use low level language like assembly. Low level languages are also used to program drivers for make hardware recognise devices. We can group programming languages according to intended uses too. To example each other with one example: “SQL” is used for database, “Matlab” is used for engineering calculations, for web programming “PHP”, “Objective C” can be used for mobile applications. In this grouping way, it is better to determine this; any of those languages cannot be used instead of another one. But some of them can be used in same project. “SQL” and “PHP” are good examples for this. Information of thousands people in a site can be kept and edited in database by using SQL and we can program interface of site by PHP. If we mention about popularity of programming languages, C language takes first place. In 1972, C language which was enhanced to develop UNIX operating system was developed by Ritchie and Ken Thompson. C language was standardised by IEEE and ISO. Hence, it became more popular in time. Today, C language is still taught to students in many universities firstly. Because, it is one of the most suitable languages for programming starters. In addition, it is still accepted as a reference in software sector. Bjarne Stroustrup who was inspired from C language developed, object oriented C++ language. Both of those languages were developed in Bell laboratories. “++” expression in “C++” means, increase the value of “C” 1 more. This addition method is used in “C” language. So, this amazing naming way only could be given by a programmer. The Java programming language that we mentioned above was developed by being inspired from C language. Except object oriented part of java, basic programming expressions like (if, else, for, while) are the same as C language. It is better to be indicated that knowing Java will give you advantage over C in finding job. Because, Java isn’t platform limited language. Almost same codes can be compiled for many different operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOs, Android, Symbian etc. Actually, SQL isn’t a programming language. It is a query language. When the subject is database, processing data properly is more important than programming. In database subject, we can say that there isn’t any rival of SQL. Web programming is in hands of PHP and Although many people support PHP because it is based on open source code system, which is supported by Microsoft is always rival with PHP. If we are mentioning about popularity, we also can mention about Python language. It is very sympathetic language. It is away from boring brackets, commas, semicolons. It is very suitable for users who interest with programming as hobby. But still you shouldn’t underestimate this language. It is used as prototype in significant projects. Google attach importance to employees who know this language.

How does Caffeine Affect Our Lives?


There are several beverages which contain caffeine. These are tea, coke, coffee and different types of coffee like cappuccino, espresso etc. Why do people consume these beverages and what are the benefits and harms of caffeine?

Some people consume these kinds of beverages just because they like their tastes. According to some people, in cold weather days drinking hot tea or coffee is a good way to warm up. In addiction caffeine can keep awake people. So people who have to study or work until late times consume caffeine in order to stay awake and be more concentrated.

A few cup of coffee or tea don’t affect our health in a bad way. We even can say that less caffeine is healthy for us. According to science people’s researches; firstly caffeine reduces the risk of several types of cancer. Secondly, research out of Greece shows that Greek boiled coffee may increase longevity and heart health. In addition coffee decreases risk of type two diabetes. These are major benefits of caffeine. There are a lot of small benefits more.

Beside benefits of caffeine, it has lots of harms too. Firstly, Caffeine reduces absorption of iron, calcium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, other minerals, B Vitamins and C Vitamin especially when it is drunk around mealtime.  These minerals are extremely important for women. Thus osteoporosis and anemia are more common with regular coffee users. Secondly; psychological symptoms of general anxiety or panic attacks may also occur. Thirdly, hyperactivity and bedwetting may be seen in children who consume caffeine. These are major harms of caffeine. There are a lot of small harms more as well.

In a nutshell, caffeine has both benefits and harms together. In one day, a few cup of tea or coffee are drinkable. But daily caffeine consuming scale shouldn’t be more than 300 mg.

Main Source of Sadness

Everybody has some difficulties in their lives. There are a lot of different difficulties but probably there are some common difficulties which cause people depress. With a high degree of probability, love is the most common depression reason among people. According to stats another depression reason is losing job and lastly, probably another one of most common is losing your family member, friend or one of relatives.

People have to earn money in order to afford basic life needs so for earning money, people need to work. Nowadays according to stats, people live in fear of losing job because of economic crisis. If the person who is responsible to earn money for his family loses his job, he will have to face with trouble things. First of all, he won’t be able to provide a nice future for his children. Even his wife may leave him because he can’t afford needs of his family. All these reasons are enough to get person into depression. But people must agree that it is transitory life. Family members should support each other in rainy days. If there is a true love between wife and husband, they don’t leave each other because of no money and they face with all difficulties by taking power from their love.

Death probably causes most people sorrow but, I don’t really understand why people depress when their one of family members, relatives or friends die. When we look from a broad perspective, death is law of nature. Every single living being is born, lives and dies. Thus, we must realize that everybody will die someday. In fact, isn’t death the best way to reach real happy life where there is no sorrow, pain, cheating etc.? I am pretty sure that most of people want to die because they aren’t happy in this world. From another perspective, according to most of religions, people will resurge after death. So, people will meet with their family members, friends and relatives after death.

I believe that, according to rising generation, the most sorrowful thing is pain of love. When people fall in love, they love each other without any condition. Love makes people blind. If their relationship ends because of any reason such as cheating, no money, no family permission etc., while there is very strong love (one sided or two sided, doesn’t matter), it extremely affects their lives in negative way. In my opinion, pain of the love is really the most devastating thing ever. Because, if you don’t have enough money to buy the things you want, you can struggle in order to earn more money. Although you struggle for it, if you still can’t acquire the things you want, you can wait afterdeath to have those things. According to many religions, people will be able to have whatever they want as they will meet with their relatives in the heaven. But, if the person that you love more than yourself leaves you, you will never be able to be happy with her again in the world and also afterdeath, because she will love another person, and she will want to be together with her new love in the heaven. So there is no solution for lovelorn people. Anyway, when we look at the reasons of young people’s committing suicide, we will find out pain of love as the first reason. Committing suicide is maybe simple solution for this world, but unfortunately it is not solution for afterdeath.

In a nutshell, some people get into depression because of losing job which means no money. Even if I don’t agree this one, most of people get into depression when their any of relatives dies. And lastly, pain of the love which is main source of perpetual sadness; drags people into committing suicide; there is no solution for it, is the most effective reason to get people into depression.

Valentine’s Day


I don’t agree that lovers should celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Firstly; 15wasting money just for one day sounds like nonsense.  If you buy flowers to your darling, she will just be happy when she takes it. But, a few days later the flowers will die and they will be in the rubbish bin.  So, what is the point of wasting money in vain? Secondly; you shouldn’t try to show your love towards her only on Valentine’s Day. If you are in love with her, you must show your love everyday by saying nice things to her, smiling at her, helping her in cooking or cleaning and doing things that she wants for her etc.  Thirdly, everybody doesn’t have a lover or some people’s lovers may have died in the past. On Valentine’s Day, these kinds of people will see happy couples and they will be sad because they don’t have a lover. In a nutshell, showing your love cannot be limited to only one day. Wasting money in vain and making people who don’t have a lover sad are other negative results of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Notebook must Replace Textbooks

Technology is developing day by day.  Everything is turning to automatic machines. What will happen if notebook computers replace student’s textbooks? In my opinion if it happens, education will be easier and more effective. It is easy to carry notebook computers instead of old thick books. Reaching information is easy on the internet and students won’t confuse other books with necessary ones to bring to school.

Computers are getting smaller everyday with developing technology. Even features of mobile phones are getting closer to the features of computers. Today, it is possible to reach internet, to check mails, to contact people or to do other things which is usually done on computers, by mobile phones, small netbooks and tablet computers. When we compare textbooks and computers, we will realize that a small microchip can store more information than million pages book can store. So, if notebook computers are used in education by every single student, they will give huge advantages due to smaller size than textbooks.

It is possible to find almost all kind of information on the internet. Probably there is more knowledge on the internet than billion pages textbooks can include. Think of it this way; while a lesson is being covered, a student doesn’t remember something about the lesson, s/he can find this thing on the internet without interrupting the lesson by asking this question.

Sometimes, students confuse the book they should bring to class with other books. It might happen to everybody. If students use notebook computers instead of textbooks, all information that is needed will be in their notebooks. So forgetting and confusing books won’t be a problem anymore.

In conclusion; the small size of computers let students to carry them easily. Another opportunity of computer is reaching endless information via internet decreases amount of questions that students want to ask during the lesson. Lastly, notebook computers solve another small problem that is possibility of student’s forgetting books.

University Education Means Happy Life

There are a lot of benefits of university education. We can even call it the key to a happy life. Firstly, if you have university education, you will be a sophisticated person. You will be able to find solutions when you are faced with different problems. In addition, if we look from men’s perspective, girls are affected by sophisticated men. So, you can find a girlfriend easily. Secondly, you can master a foreign language in university. Foreign language eases your life in different ways. For example it helps to communicate with foreign people easier. It gives you an advantage when you apply for a job. Finally, you will have a good job which has high salary. If you have a high salary, it means your life standards are also high. You can buy a large house, a luxury car etc. As a result, if you found your true love, earn enough money to buy whatever you want, can travel to other countries due to your foreign language, you will have a happy life.

Buying a New House

 A new house must have several qualifications. First of all, the price of the house must be affordable according to the family’s income because everybody’s income is different from each other. Secondly, a new house should be in the center of city, so you can reach places like school, hospital and bank etc. easily. Thirdly, the house must be large enough to afford all family members’ requirements.  Also, if your friends and relatives visit you often, you should consider this case too before deciding size of house. Finally, in my opinion internet connection is very important for a house. The internet connection of the house must be uninterrupted and fast enough. As a result, the price of the house must be appropriate, location of house must be close important places and the size of the house must fulfill all requirements. Although uninterrupted and fast internet connection may not be necessary for everybody, I think it is very important.

Best Natural Place Maldives

Most of people like having holidays in fascinating places. In my opinion, the most attractive place for having a holiday is Maldives. This place is especially perfect for new couples. Think in this way, the person you love the most is with you and you are having your honeymoon with her in Maldives. Probably that period of your life will be the most haunting ever because not only are you having holiday in Maldives but also the person you love the most is with you. There are a lot of reasons why I want to have my honeymoon in Maldives. Hot weather is the first reason which makes Maldives attractive for me. We can assume cheap price as another reason but money of course mustn’t be more important than our darling’s wishes. But one of the significant reasons is that there are a lot of kinds of fishes. Moreover; fresh air, available empty hotel rooms and traditional foods are other attractive qualities.

Personally I like hot weather. Maldives is hot enough place to have holiday. I don’t really like to have a holiday in cold places by skiing or doing other activities. But, if my sweetheart wants it, I am ready to do whatever she wants.

In the introduction I mentioned about fish. Actually there are a lot of reasons why I like fish. I am fond of trolling fish. Imagine that you are trolling with your darling in a small boat. You are in a competition with your honey to catch bigger one. It will be a sweet rivalry. Most of people probably will want to catch bigger fish but if I had this chance I would let her catch the bigger one. Even if I knew that a big fish was caught by my fishhook, I would offer my sweetheart to change our fishhooks with each other. If she doesn’t accept it, I still wouldn’t pull that fish, and I would wait until fish gets rid of my fishhook. Besides this romantic rivalry, catching different kind of fish that I have never caught before will make me pleased. Probably there are too less things that can make you happier than catching fish you only see in documentaries that are in different colors, shapes and tastes and presenting them to your sweetie. Cooking these fish by yourself and serving them to your sweety while she is sunbathing must be one of the best romantic experiences.

As far as I learned from television, there are a lot of different traditional foods in Maldives. Anything can’t be more romantic than looking into your darling’s eyes while eating traditional food under a pergola which is designed especially for you with flowers, fumes that spread a nice smell in a sunny day. After eating traditional foods, lying under the sun and watching people who are surfing are nice ways to feel peaceful. Although I am too clumsy at surfing, if my darling wants to try surfing together, I would pleasurably accept her request. Probably, it is the only chance for surfing in Maldives even with your darling.

Furthermore, you don’t need to pay a lot to have a nice holiday in Maldives. Because, the value of Maldives money is much lower than the value of our money. Actually, money really shouldn’t be important if your darling wants to have your honeymoon in expensive place. Money is too worthless beside the priceless smile on your darling’s face.

In conclusion, hot weather, trolling fish, traditional foods and cheaper price are the tempting reasons why I want to have my honeymoon in Maldives. Of course, my wife’s wish must be more important than mine. If my real love wants to go another place to have our honeymoon, I would pleasurably accept it even if I hate of that place or it is too expensive. But unfortunately, there is no girl in the world who really deserves to be a real love and this kind of a honeymoon

Influences of Music and Books on Us

Although music and books are big part of our life, they affect our lives in different ways. For example, we use books in order to learn new information but music is mostly listened to have good time. Another difference; while reading books improve our vocabulary, listening music even ruins our valid vocabulary because almost all songs include some words which aren’t in formal dictionary. A lot of singers change words to new forms from original ones in order to keep rhyme of song. When we look from another perspective; a book reader can’t annoy the people who are around but when somebody listened music in high volume, other people will be annoyed. I have mentioned about negative sides of music and positive sides of books so far. However, listening music is sometimes necessary to relax, to feel good after some sad events happened. But books are mostly used when we need to learn new things except story books. According to research of scientists, listening music before job increase people’s working performance unlike working, studying and reading continuously decrease people’s concentration.

Violence in Society

Nowadays, a lot of movies include violence scenes and these kinds of movies are the most popular ones. I believe that these kinds of movies reduce violence insociety in many ways. Thesemovies tempt children to fight each other, attract men to beat their wives and cause teachers to hit their students. For these reasons, I think these films must be inspected.

There are a lot of women who are exposed to violence by their husbands. Why does it happen? In movies, violence is used in order to force anyone to do something. According to stats, men who use violence on their wives are fan of movies which include violence so we can see these kinds of movies having an influence on men in way forcing their wives to do something.

When we look at schools, we will see that there are a lot of fights among the students. Why do these fights happen? There are some reasons why students fight. One of the most significant of them is movies which include violence. Movies, books, music etc. can change children’s mind easily. If a student sees in a movie that beating someone is an easy way to achieve something, s/he will fight with his friends in order to attain his purposes. Secondly, if children see their father while he is using violence on his mother in order to make her do something forcibly, they will believe that violence is a nice way to force somebody to do something.

At the present time another common crime is that most teachers use violence on students in order to make them do something such as doing homework, not being late for school, not smoking etc. When we consider the reasons why teachers use violence, it seems teachers want students to do what they should actually do. But still violence isn’t a good way even if teachers use it in that way. Also, using violence on students is another bad instance for them.

In conclusion, movies which include violence have crucial influences on people. People who watch these kinds of movies always tend to use violence. Students’ severity to each other, teachers’ severity to children and men’s severity to their wives are major examples. These reasons tend me to think that these films must be inspected.